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IRA: Can I invest in anything I want?

Question: What investment choices do I have for my IRA?

Answer: The tax law only tells you what investments can't be held inside your IRA. You may not use IRA funds to invest in collectibles such as artwork, rugs, antiques, coins, stamps, and gems. The law also prohibits IRA investments in life insurance, tangible personal property (such as a car), and non-U.S. property.

Clearly, that leaves you with a lot of investment choices. Conventional IRA investments include publicly traded stocks, bonds, mutual funds, Treasuries, or cash. More unconventional, yet acceptable, investment options include:

  • Certain gold, silver, and platinum coins and bullion
  • Commodities and futures
  • Real estate Mortgages/deeds of trust
  • Promissory notes
  • Limited partnerships
  • Joint ventures
  • Private stock offerings
  • Foreign stocks
  • Limited liability corporations
  • Tax lien certificates Accounts receivable
  • Commercial paper Leases