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Don't be fooled by work-at-home scams

Contrary to the over-the-top claims published online, in infomercials and in advertisements nailed to telephone poles, working at home doesn’t build wealth any faster than working in an office or on the factory floor. In fact, startup businesses (including those located in your home) require a great deal of time, work and investment.

So how can you tell whether an employment offer to work at home represents a legitimate business opportunity or a fraudulent scheme? Here are some pointers:

  • Beware of wild claims. If the ad claims “a guaranteed income” or that you can “work part - time and earn a full-time salary,” hold on to your wallet!
  • Get the details. Find out exactly what you’ll be doing, who you’ll be working for, and what the company will provide. Are you required to purchase your own software or equipment? How often will you be paid? Do you have to sell anything or recruit others? A legitimate company will be glad to provide this information in writing; a scam artist won’t.
  • Check references. Request a list of the firm’s other employees or contractors; then follow up to find out how this opportunity worked for them.
  • Study the market. Research whether there are really customers for such a service or product in your area. For example, if you’re considering working at home for a dental billing service, ask dentists in your area if they use such a service. You’ll also want to determine whether the state requires any kind of license or certification for providing such a service.

If you need additional help evaluating a work-at-home business, give us a call.