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Contractors: Secure your job site to reduce theft
Contractors: reduce theft

According to the Associated General Contractors of America, theft losses among its members have reached almost a billion dollars annually.

Try the following to stem losses on your sites:

Install secure fencing around the entire work area. Consider adding a chain link fence in the more sensitive areas. If authorities allow, add barbed wire to the top to discourage people from climbing.

Put employee parking outside the job site. This will reduce the theft of tools and equipment that fit into the trunk of a car.

Make sure the site is well-lit. Bright lighting deters theft and vandalism and allows neighbors and police to observe any unusual activity on the premises.

Install alarm systems. An alarm that detects motion and activates additional lighting may be all that's required.

Mark equipment with ID numbers. Mark equipment in two places, one that's apparent and one that's hidden. Record the numbers on an inventory control list.

Require signatures for all deliveries. One person should be in charge of the log for all arrivals to the job site. Critical or expensive materials should not be stored any longer than necessary.

Inform authorities before starting a project. Give police and fire departments details of your project, including the estimated completion date and work hours. Provide a list of key personnel and their phone numbers for emergencies.